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Main Page UgCS Connecting UgCS and microADS-B Receiver

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This VSM supports microADSB-USB receiver Please follow these steps to connect an ADS-B source to the UgCS:

1. To connect an ADS-B source to UgCS, a physical device and a driver for the operating system are required.
2. If using microADSB devices, highly advised to configure other VSM modules to exclude ports used by microADSB. See Excluded port name.
3. UgCS client will detect connected ADS-B sources. If at least one ADS-B source is connected, an indicator will light up in the top right corner of the Client.

ADS-B Connected.jpg

4. Collision possibility calculation is based on three parameters: H - horizontal distance (meters) V – vertical distance (meters) T – warning time (seconds)
5. Warnings about possible collisions appear in the log window if vehicles, during the minimal convergence, would, in the future, violate both boundaries (H / V) of any other vehicle in a time less than T. A warning is not displayed if the minimal convergence occurred in the past and the vehicles fly apart from one another.

Collision warning.jpg