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Some DJI drones can be equipped with additional hardware such as speaker or avoidance collision beacon. If such device is connected, additional control elements will display on the main screen.


Connecting speaker to DJI drone will result in additional button displayed on the main screen Sound recorder-Playback .png
Tap the button to open record/playback menu:

Record-playback menu.png

Speaker volume – allows to control the volume of drone’s speaker
Persist file – option to record the audio file to drone’s internal memory
Instant Play – the recording will be played as soon as completed
Tap to record – the recording button.

Playback menu.png

Play in loop – allows to play specific file continuously
Play button – play the selected track
Delete button – delete the selected track

Collision avoidance beacon

Collision avoidance beacon or blinker allows to visually identify the vehicle from far away. Connecting one will result in additional button display on the main screen Collision avoidance beacon on-off1.png
Tap it once in order to turn the beacon on Beacon on.png