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Click & Go mode allows to interactively command vehicle to fly to a target location by clicking on the map. Once the location is reached, copter will hover at reached location, waiting for next command. This behavior is implemented as a mini mission containing two waypoints: current drone position and target point. In order to start Click & Go mission, set a target point on the map to which the copter has to fly and confirm it.


  • Press Click & Go command;

Click & Go

  • Click on the map to set the target point;

  • Adjust additional parameters 'AGL alt', 'Speed' and 'Heading' if needed and confirm to send the command to the drone;

Click & Go parameters

  • Press the green check button or the Enter key to confirm..

Heading is the angle between north direction and the vehicle bow. By default, “Heading” is set collinearly according to flight direction. The drone will fly to new target point all the way in set “Heading” angle after the command is sent to the vehicle. If the “Heading” field is left blank (not 0, but empty) - the vehicle will fly using current heading. It is also possible to adjust the heading by moving the arrow of the target waypoint.

When performing Click&Go mode for drone on the ground it firstly flies up to “Minimal safe altitude” (default – 5m, can be changed in Settings – Drone Specific Settings) and then proceed to selected point.

It may be necessary set Take-off point altitude (Take-off point altitude).

Note: If an action trigger is interrupted (Camera by time, etc.) with Click & Go command this action will not perform after clicking “Continue”. Actions at next waypoints will work as usual. Continue button will be inactive if Click & Go action is interrupted by Hold button.