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Current part of article is about vehicle behavior. Some commands are found in the UgCS desktop application, some in the UgCS for DJI. See table below for more information.

Supported commands:

Command Support Application Notes
Arm No
Disarm No
Auto Mode Yes UgCS desktop or UgCS for DJI Take off and start the mission
Hold Yes UgCS desktop or UgCS for DJI Pause mission. Vehicle will hover in current position until CONTINUE command issued. Vehicle can be moved along mission path using Remote controller during Hold
Continue Yes UgCS desktop or UgCS for DJI Resume mission
Manual Mode Yes UgCS desktop This command interrupts mission execution and erases it from drone memory
Return Home Yes UgCS desktop or UgCS for DJI Vehicle will gain the pre-configured altitude (default is 20m) and return to launch position and land. See warning below
Take-Off No* UgCS desktop Drones can take off by switching to auto mode
Land No* UgCS desktop Use Land mission item in order to land the drone after mission execution
Click & Go Yes UgCS desktop or UgCS for DJI Allows to interactively command the copter to travel to a target location by clicking on a point on the map
Joystick Yes UgCS desktop (UgCS for DJI in future releases) Joystick input control

! If GoHome command is activated within the distance of 20 meters from home point, the aircraft will land immediately in the current location, instead of returning to the home Point!!

Note: If predefined route Emergency Return Altitude is less than vehicle current altitude, vehicle returns home with vehicle altitude at which Return Home button/command was used.