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Default configuration file of the DJI VSM suits most needs and it is generally not necessary to modify it.
Configuration file location:

• Microsoft Windows:
C:\Program Files (x86)\UgCS\bin\vsm-dji.conf

• GNU/Linux:

• Apple OS X:
/Users/[user name]/Library/Application Support/UGCS/configuration/vsm-dji.conf

Common parameters

All VSMs share a common set of configuration file parameters described in Common configuration file parameters. DJI VSM configuration file prefix is:

Serial port configuration

Typically DJI autpilot is connected to UgCS via 2.4GHz or 900MHz datalink. It appears as serial port when USB cable is plugged in. See Serial port configuration for details.

• Example: = COM21
connection.serial.1.baud = 115200

Waypoint turn type

Used to override the turn type for all waypoints in uploaded mission. Please see this section for detailed explanation of turn types.
• Name: vehicle.dji.turn_type_override
• Possible values: stop, bank, adaptive_bank
• Default: stop
• Example: vehicle.dji.turn_type_override = adaptive_bank

NAZA/Wookong detection

There is no deterministic way to differentiate between NAZA and Wookong autopilots. VSM tries its best to autodetect the autopilot correctly but sometimes it can wrongly detect Wookong as NAZA. This setting can be used to workaround the issue. Set this setting to "no" if you are using only NAZA based vehicles.

• Name: vehicle.dji.report_naza_as_wookong
• Possible values: yes, no
• Default: no
• Example: vehicle.dji.report_naza_as_wookong = yes

Payload control

UgCS supports direct payload control from GCS via joystick or keyboard on four different axes: pitch, roll, yaw, zoom. The following parameters must be set for joystick control to work.

• Name: vehicle.dji.payload.data_rate
• Possible values: positive integer
• Default: 5
• Description: Max number of payload control messages per second to send to the vehicle. The bigger the value the smoother the servo movement.
• Example: vehicle.dji.payload.data_rate = 8

• Name: vehicle.dji.payload.[pitch|roll|yaw|zoom].fchannel
• Possible values: 1,2,3,4 for A2; 1,2 for Wookong.
• Description: F-Channel number on autopilot this axis is connected to. This number should not conflict with General Purpose servo action setup. See above.
• Example: vehicle.dji.payload.pitch.fchannel = 1

• Name: vehicle.dji.payload.[pitch|roll|yaw|zoom].mode
• Possible values: position, speed
• Default: position
• Description: position mode maps the payload control input directly to F-Channel servo output. speed mode translates control input to rate of change of F-Channel.
• Example: vehicle.dji.payload.pitch.mode = speed

• Name: vehicle.dji.payload.[pitch|roll|yaw|zoom].gain
• Possible values: positive real number.
• Default: 1.0
• Description: Controls the rate of change applied to FChannel.
• Example: vehicle.dji.payload.pitch.gain = 1.8

F1 channel on Wookong can behave unexpectedly when used for payload control. Sometimes it jumps to maximum value for short moment. Please test the configured servo outputs before flight.