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Default configuration file of the PX4 VSM suits most needs and it is generally not necessary to modify it.

Configuration file location:

Microsoft Windows:
C:\Program Files (x86)\UgCS\bin\vsm-mikrokopter.conf


Apple OS X:
/Users/[user name]/Library/Application Support/UGCS/configuration/vsm-mikrokopter.conf

WP-event value

This parameter defines which value will be sent in wp-event-value field of the waypoint with "take photo" action. See Camera trigger action section.

• Example: vehicle.mikrokopter.wp_event_value = 50

Serial port configuration

Typically vehicle is connected to UgCS via radio datalink which appears as serial port when USB cable is plugged in. See Serial port configuration for details.

• Example: = COM21 connection.serial.1.baud = 57600

Common parameters

All VSMs share a common set of configuration file parameters described in Common configuration file parameters. MikroKopter VSM configuration file prefix is: vehicle.mikrokopter