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Connection of the Android device and drone using UgCS for DJI varies depending on the drone type used:

1. Connecting with DJI Phantom 3 Standard

Remote controller (RC) of DJI Phantom 3 Standard creates Wi-Fi network. Ensure that no obstacles are between the drone and RC.
• Connect Android device to Wi-Fi network provided by RC,
• Connect laptop / PC with installed UgCS desktop to the same Wi-Fi network,
• On the Android device launch UgCS for DJI application and wait until the drone is detected.

When both application - mobile UgCS for DJI and desktop UgCS - are in the same network they should detect each other automatically.

Note: The drone will not be detected by UgCS for DJI if other applications like DJI GO, Litchi, etc. are already connected to the drone, because multiple connections are not supported by the drone. In this case, close other applications and restart UgCS for DJI mobile application.

2. Connecting with other supported DJI vehicles

Connect mobile Android device to remote controller (RC) via micro USB Cable. Then the Android device should offer to choose from application list, for example DJI GO and/or UgCS for DJI - choose to run UgCS for DJI.


Note: If the Android device does not show application choice, but opens DJI GO application, clear default settings of DJI GO (Settings -> Apps -> DJI Go -> Clear Defaults).

UgCS for DJI will automatically detect the type of DJI drone in use.

UgCS for DJI application screen will be displayed shortly after established connection:

UgCS for DJI screenshot 2.18 3 (1).png

In order to connect UgCS desktop and UgCS for DJI, the PC and Android device must be in same network. Android mobile device or an external network router can be used as Wi-Fi access point.

Note: Check drone's firmware version by accessing drone settings tab.  Please always keep drone’s firmware up-to-date. If drone's firmware is not displayed, that might indicate, that old firmware is used!