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Map providers


UgCS supports providers that use the Google XYZ addressing system. The URL of the provider should be like this one in the example:{level}/{southing}/{easting}.jpeg

Add new map source

UgCS Geoserver

This is map provider for sources which are provided by Local Geoserver and will be added automatically when new map overlay uploaded.


Geoserver is a UgCS component meant for custom map source, elevation source and 3D model import. It is installed together with UgCS and allows users to import custom DEM (Digital Elevation Model) data as elevation source for a specified region and upload georeferenced raster data to geoserver.

Geoserver providers

Elevation z-order

Currently UgCS supports ArcASCII, GeoTiff and SRTM formats, but all GDAL Raster Formats that feature Georeferencing should work
To use an elevation source, it must be first added to “Elevation z-order” list. This list contains all elevation sources that may be currently used. First add the necessary source to the list. The list order is also important, because it determines the priority of a source – higher listed sources are of higher priority and lower listed accordingly are of lower priority.
Now the added elevation source is ready to use and the route will be calculated according to the elevation source of highest priority for the specific area.

Building sources

Currently UgCS supports the import of *.KMZ archives and *.KML files with external links.
To add new building source, create it in the “Geoservers” menu. The process is similar to elevation sources. Go to “Geoservers” menu, clicking on “Local Geographic Server”, one can access “Manage elevation buildings” menu. Then create new one by pressing “New source” button.
Add created source to “Building sources” list. As for elevations sources that list contains all building sources that may be currently used. Press “Add” button and select created source.