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Please follow these steps to connect a DJI vehicle to the UgCS:
1. To connect DJI vehicle to UgCS its required to have 2.4Hz datalink (more info) or 900MHz datalink. Direct USB cable to DJI vehicle cannot be used to connect to UgCS.
2. For Windows setup, download from DJI site and install driver for 2.4GHz datalink. (driver). For 900MHz datalink download and install this package (download). This step is not required if running UgCS on Linux or Mac.
3. Before connecting the vehicle to UgCS, please ensure all autopilot settings (fail-safe, control mode switch, compass calibration) are configured accordingly via DJI Assistant software. Please consult user manual of your autopilot for details.
4. Once the drone is connected it should appear in vehicles list. Both Uplink and Downlink connections should be available. Open Vehicles window from main menu and choose the corresponding vehicle for editing by clicking on the menu item and selecting Edit button. Select the vehicle profile and change the default vehicle name to the convenient one:


Vehicle profile needs to be assigned to allow mission planning with this vehicle. Vehicle avatar should be assigned in vehicle profile to properly see the vehicle location on map.

For Wookong M pilots:
Sometimes UgCS detects WKM autopilot as NAZA-M V2. If that is the case, you can set the correct profile manually. After that it will tie the profile with the vehicle automatically.