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Please follow these steps to connect an MikroKopter vehicle to the UgCS:

1. MikroKopter vehicle must be properly configured, calibrated and tested using tools and instruction from the official MikroKopter web site prior to using it with UgCS. UgCS does not support initial configuration, setup and calibration of MikroKopter vehicles.

2. Turn on the vehicle and plug in the radio modem paired with the vehicle or direct USB cable from the MikroKopter board to the computer where VSM is running. UgCS uses serial ports for communication with MikroKopter vehicles. Serial interface based communication devices like WI232 radio modems (and their analogs) and direct USB-serial connections are supported, as long as OS driver for virtual serial port is installed and serial port is successfully created. Please refer to the communication equipment manufacturer documentation about driver installation instructions.

3. Open Vehicles window in UgCS Client and wait until new vehicle appears there automatically. Both Uplink and Downlink connections should be available. Choose the corresponding vehicle for editing by clicking on the menu item and selecting Edit button. Now select the vehicle profile and change the default vehicle name to the convenient one:

New MikroKopter vehicle.jpg

Vehicle profile needs to be assigned to allow mission planning with this vehicle. Vehicle avatar should be assigned in vehicle profile to properly see the vehicle location on map.

4. Repeat steps above for each MikroKopter vehicle.

Please note that there is no technical possibility to distinguish between different MK drones if they are connected via the same port. The only way to identify drones is looking at their serial port instances. To ensure permanent drones mapping, please make sure, each drone is connected via dedicated serial port.

This firstly means that it is not possible to share the same radio-modem or USB-serial cable between different drones. If using Windows OS it usually reserves unique serial port number for each USB-serial device. Linux OS requires additional measures - manually provide udev rules for permanent device mapping based on its serial number (if such exists. Some USB devices do not have serial number specified, and it is not possible to use them to connect multiple MikroKopters). Udev rules creation example
If using own serial device naming on Linux, do not forget to add the corresponding name to the VSM configuration: = /dev/mikrokopter_1 connection.serial.2.baud.1 = 57600

Supported MikroKopter firmware versions:

• 0.x

• 2.00 may be supported but not tested.