How to connect DJI M300RTK with DJI D-RTK2 base in UgCS for DJI

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Main Page UgCS How to

1.Turn on the drone, remote controller, and base station.

 “Ensure that the base station is switched to Broadcast mode (green light flashes for 5 times)”.

2.Connect Android device to RC and run UgCS for DJI.
3.Open Menu in UgCS for DJI and open RTK settings:

RTK settings.png

  • Enable RTK
Enable RTK.png
  • Select DJI base station in RTK source setting below.
Dji base.png

  • Tap "Select Base Station".

  • Tap on available RTK base.
RTK base.png

 If the base station not found in the list, please reset the list by tapping on arrows.
RTK list.png

  • Wait the status "connected".
RTK connected.png

4. Check RTK Setiings for status:

  • RTK connected to DJI D-RTK2 base station.