How to save Map region for offline use

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Starting from the UgCS version 4.9 with the experimental Offline Map feature, it is possible to save a region of the map for offline use in UgCS.

  • The maximum Area of the region cannot exceed 100km2.
  • The region boundary cannot intersect itself.

1. Open the UgCS Main menu by clicking on the Menu icon and “Main Menu”.


2. Enable the Experimental features by clicking on Configuration → Experimental features → enable checkmark at “Enable experimental features”.


3. Confirm that you’ve read the disclaimer message by clicking on “Continue”.


4. Open “Map layers” by clicking on the Globe icon and selecting “Map Layers”.


5. Navigate to the “Offline maps” tab and click on “Add”.


6. Add a name for the map region, create the region boundary by double-clicking on the desired locations and click on “Create”.


7. Wait for the map region to finish loading.