How to use DJI simulator with UgCS for iOS

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  1. Turn on the laptop with an installed UgCS desktop
  2. Turn on the iOS mobile device with installed UgCS for DJI on it
  3. Create a WiFi access point on the iOS mobile device
  4. Connect your laptop to the created WiFi access point
  5. Run UgCS
  6. Remove propellers of the drone
  7. Turn on the drone
  8. Turn on the drone’s Remote Controller (RC)
  9. Connect the RC with the iOS device
  10. If the UgCS for DJI doesn’t start automatically, launch it
  11. When the connection with the drone has been established, check that the UCS indicator of UgCS for DJI is green and that UgCS desktop is displaying telemetry of the drone
  12. In UgCS for DJI choose Settings - DJI - Simulator and switch it to green position, than close the settings menu.
  13. Now GPS data will be transferred (by default the drone will be placed at the Spilve airport in Riga, Latvia)
  14. Check that the drone is in DISARM status and upload the route to the drone. Upon successful upload, the drone will be placed on the first waypoint / Home location of your mission
  15. Click “Auto Mode” and accept the command in either UgCS or UgCS for DJI – the drone should start the mission.

In the simulation mode, it is possible to follow the flight of the drone in UgCS and control whether pictures are taken according to the route’s settings (if turn type “Stop & Turn” is in use).