How to use facade scanning tool

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1. Unfold and connect the software and hardware drone components
2. Launch UgCS for desktop
3. Click "Add new route"

Add new roue.jpg

4. Select "Create from scratch"


5. Give a friendly name to the route
6. Select the used vehicle and click OK


7. Input take off parameters if different from default and click OK


8. Select Facade scanning tool


9. Select the facade on the map to scan

Facade scan.jpg

10. Input the flight parameters such as turn type - "Stop and turn". Maximum and minimum height above the ground relief, the vehicle should fly and the distance to facade

Note: vertical speed, loaded to the autopilot as recommended, may differ from the actual vertical speed used. Autopilot takes the final decision the vertical speed it gains. See the drone manual for vertical speed settings.

Facade parameters.jpg

Note: There are two patterns of facade scan - vertical and horizontal, which are to be selected corresponding your needs.

Pattern scheme.jpg


11. Upload the route to the vehicle
12. Switch the vehicle to Auto mode


The drone should now take off and fly facade scan (snake type) route