How to use offline route function for iOS

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1. Create mission/route in UgCS Desktop
2. Connect the tablet to PC and run UgCS for DJI
3. In UgCS for DJI tap on the route icon on the left side of the screen and open route

Offline route ios1.png

Offline route ios2.png

4.In bookmarks of UgCS Server find UgCS desktop missions/routes, tap on two dots on the right side of required route and press “Make available offline”

Offline route ios3.png

The route is saved for offline usage, showing the indicated icon:

Offline route ios4.png.png

5. Connect the drone to UgCS for DJI via RC
6. Tap “Local routes” section

Offline route ios5.png

7. Tap the route, that needs to be uploaded. The map and the route will be shown: To upload route to the drone, tap on route icon on left side of screen and “upload to drone”

Offline route ios5.png

The next window allows to specify takeoff altitude

Note: If takeoff is performed from ground level, do not change altitude.

Press confirm to upload route

Offline route ios7.png

Offline route ios8.png

After route is successfully uploaded, a message will show up:

Offline route ios9.png

Press “start” button on the left side to start the flight

Offline route ios10.png

Start button will change to pause in case if it’s required to pause the flight, and the message “The drone started the mission” will appear.

Offline route ios11.png