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UgCS is able to import CSV files. In order to import CSV files, click on the "Add new route" button (plus sign). Choose “Import from file”, click “Browse”, to locate the CSV file and confirm with “Select” and confirm with “Next”.

Import CSV file

In the next window, select the preferable vehicle profile.
CSV file must have 3 mandatory fields: "Latitude", "Longitude", "AltitudeAGL". Fourth field "Speed" is optional. Please note the header is ignored if it contains letters.

Measurement units used:

  • 'WP' - The waypoint number in the route. If not specified then the waypoints are ordered by row number.

  • "Latitude" & "Longitude" - degrees

  • "AltitudeAGL" - m (AGL)

  • "AltitudeAMSL" - m (AMSL)

  • "Speed" - m/s

  • 'Picture' - If “TRUE” then "Set camera mode" action with option "Shot" is created for the waypoint.

  • 'UavYaw' - If specified then "Change yaw" action with corresponding "Yaw" relative to the north is created for the waypoint.

  • 'CameraTilt' - If specified then "Set camera attitude" action with corresponding "Tilt" is cre-ated for the waypoint.

  • WaitTime' - If specified then "Wait" action with corresponding "Wait duration, s" is created for the waypoint.

Separator - ',' (comma)