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ZigBee is a wireless network standard targeted at wide development in wireless control and monitoring applications. It suits well for unmanned vehicles remote controlling.
There are several advantages of ZigBee remote control:

• It is possible to control a number of vehicles from one node.
• Multiple vehicles are able to form wireless mesh network.
• It is possible to create encrypted radio channel between ground station and vehicle (ZigBee networks are secured by 128 bit symmetric encryption keys).

It is possible to use all these advanced features in UgCS by virtue of XBee Connector. It allows to connect any supported vehicle to ground station via ZigBee protocol using Digi XBee modules.
Some of XBee module specifications:

RF interaction distance between two XBee: up to 3200 meters in a line of sight
Data rate: up to 250 Kbps
Radio frequency: 2.4 GHz
Operating Temperature: -40º C to +85º C

Note that only Pixhawk with ArduPilot firmware is supported at the moment.