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DJI autopilots can be put into Joystick mode which allows user to manually control the vehicle in similar way to RC transmitter. Please note that Joystick mode is inherently more fragile than direct manual control via RC transmitter because it involves many different data links and components: Joystick device –> UgCS Client –> UgCS Server –> VSM –> Ground Radio –> Air Radio –> Autopilot If any of the above links fail, the joystick control is broken and vehicle will stay in Joystick mode until mode switch is flipped on the RC transmitter. This is why user should be very careful when working with Joystick control mode. It is recommended to have RC transmitter as backup controller at all times.

There are differences in throttle axis behavior while in Joystick Mode between autopilots:
•	A2, Wookong and NAZA can be landed in Joystick Mode but it is not recommended because it is not possible to disarm the vehicle via joystick.
•	NAZA-M and Phantom2 throttle control is somewhat different from RC transmitter: Throttle in the middle returns the vehicle to the altitude where joystick mode was enabled.
•	A2 and Wookong throttle control behaves similarly to RC transmitter: Throttle in the middle holds current altitude.