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UgCS is easy-to-use software to plan and fly drone survey missions, it supports almost any UAV platform, providing convenient tools for areal and linear surveys and enabling direct drone control. UgCS enables professional land survey mission planning using photogrammetry technique.
Automated drone mission planning, built-in Photogrammetry and Geotagging tools, Digital Elevation Model (DEM) and KML file import enable map customization, and battery change option for long routes make UgCS an effective solution for large area surveying.

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Simple mission planning with UgCS
Using DJI Simulator with UgCS

Preflight checklist

Generate 3Dmap/update elevation data using UgCS Mapper

UgCS Automatic Vertical scan tool

UgCS Automatic Expanding square tool for #SAR with drones
UgCS Mission Planning Software for UAV Professionals