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Current part of article relates to UgCS desktop application and vehicle behavior.
Mission waypoint actions supported by DJI:

Flight plan element / action Support Notes
Takeoff Yes
Land Yes
Camera control Yes Set camera tilt angle.


Camera yaw angle will force aircraft to make yaw at given waypoint. Or use RC or UgCS for DJI to control camera tilt.

Note: For Waypoint mission (all drone types), possible tilt values are [0..90]. 
Note: For "Set Camera altitude / zoom" action setting camera yaw different from 0.0 will trigger relative "RotateAircraft" for all models.
Camera mode Yes Start/stop video recording or make single shot at given waypoint


Use remote control or dedicated buttons in UgCS for DJI application to make shot or start/stop video recording.

Wait Yes Only one wait action per waypoint is allowed


Yaw Yes On DJI devices Yaw action is executed in the following manner - turning to the defined angle starts from the waypoint where the corresponding action is set and reaches the defined angle the moment it reaches the following waypoint.


Note: When Yaw action is used, it might affect how the rest of the route turns will be executed, meaning it is possible that e.g. for a waypoint with Camera By Time, the action is started before the vehicle has fully turned to the direction of the following waypoint
Panorama Yes *NOTE: DJI drones have limited for amount of actions that are executed in each waypoint.


Application may automatically adjust angular step value in order to match this limit.


Parameters angular velocity and per-sector waiting are ignored.

Point of Interest Yes Point of interest (POI) sets the point of interest for the vehicle to face towards during the flight


Camera by time Yes DJI drone will start continues photo capturing with a time delay till next waypoint. Add number of photos and a delay before the shot series are started. During mission, user can stop this action by pressing “photo/video button” on mobile application.


Note: Minimal time interval is different for different DJI drones. If the time interval is too short, error message will display, during mission execution.  We recommend always test the mission on simulator before going to the field.
Note: If the route has one or more segments with adaptive bank turn type, all waypoint action will be ignored! In this case, manually launch camera capturing by interval in mobile application. Acceptance radius parameter for waypoint is not supported! Errors and information messages associated with the vehicle from the mobile application are transferred to the UgCS log (lower right corner, "Show Log" button).