Mission execution specifics (Mikrokopter)

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Before executing a mission, Mikrokopter must be set to Altitude hold mode and throttle must be in middle position!

Flight plan element / action Support Notes
Camera control Partial Only pitch control is supported.
Camera trigger Partial Only photo shot is supported.
Panorama Partial Panorama is always counted from

North or last set heading

Take-off No
Landing Yes
Set camera by time No
Set camera by distance Yes
Heading Yes
Wait Yes

Take-off is not supported in scope of automatic mission execution. Take-off the drone either manually or using auto-start feature of the MikroKopter which can be activated by switch on RC. See MikroKopter vendor documentation.

CareFree feature must be enabled in MikroKopter for all actions which automatically control copter heading (like POI, yaw set etc.) See manual

None of fail-safe mode adjustments is supported in the UgCS mission parameters (as well as emergency return altitude value). Use MikroKopter original software instead to set up fail-safe parameters.

Home position can not be changed from software. It is controlled by the autopilot hardware and always corresponds to launch position.

Camera trigger action

Can be used to trigger payload-specific action during mission execution. It triggers WP-event in the MikroKopter. See manual and manualfor more detailed description of this MK feature. As described there, before using this feature, set up pattern for the flight controller output OUT1 or SRV3 using KopterTool software. Try to use shutter cable or IR-controller provided by the drone manufacturer.

Servo mapping.jpg

When the "take photo" action is fired the waypoint is created with wp-event-channel field set to the value specified in the VSM configuration (see WP-event value section). It is duration in deciseconds of one unit in output signal pattern. Also waypoint duration is set to time which is enough to execute at least one cycle of the pattern. Due to granularity difference in MK protocol the pattern may start the second cycle of execution before the waypoint is finished.

Output configuration.jpg

In KopterTool output configuration ensure to have set "Combine with WP-event" option.