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No-fly zones (NFZ) are areas on the map where flying is prohibited. NFZs are divided in two categories – Aerodrome zones, which are built into UgCS and Custom zones which can be created by the operator.

Creating a custom NFZ

The operator can create a Custom NFZ of either two shapes:

  • Prism

  • Cone

NFZ can be created by clicking one of the two bottom icons on the No-Fly-Zone drawing tools and shift-clicking on the map.
To create a prism formed NFZ, at least 3 points are necessary. The cone NFZ requires only one point. To finish creating an NFZ, click on the selected NFZ icon again. To edit the finished NFZ click it on the map. To delete an NFZ, click the trash can icon in the editing screen.
Following parameters of each NFZ can be changed:

  • Name of NFZ

  • No-fly zone starts from – altitude from which the NFZ begins. By default this parameter is set to 0 m AGL.

  • Ground or sea level - change the altitude origin between AGL and AMSL

  • Height – the altitude NFZ ends. By default, this parameter is set to infinity.

For the cone NFZ there are two additional parameters:

  • Base radius - radius of NFZ base. By default this is set to 100 m.

  • Top radius – radius of the top of the flight zone. This parameter can be used only if the height parameter for the cone NFZ is not infinity.

Note: If NFZ width is less than one meter it is not taken into account for route's calculation.

Disabling NFZ

The No Fly Zones can be disabled in parameter window of the route, by deselecting the Aerodrome zones or the Custom zones. The route’s parameter window is displayed during the creation process of a new route, or it can be accessed selecting the Parameters button of the route’s card Parameter setting drop-down menu .

Note: this feature is enabled only for UgCS with activated Licence (refer par. License)!

NFZ visibility

To change the visibility of NFZ, click on the Map options (globe icon) button at the very top right-hand corner of the screen and click 'Layers' button. In the new window, deselect Aerodrome zones or Custom zones so that they are no longer displayed on the map. Keep in mind, this operation does not disable the NFZ, it simply hides them. If you want to disable NFZ, refer to the section “Disabling NFZ”.

NFZ and route-creation algorithms

UgCS will not be able to calculate a mission with single waypoint in a NFZ. However, if a part of a circle or an Area scan mission intersects a NFZ, the flight path will be calculated around the NFZ automatically.