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Change start point of a route

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During the flight the processed flight path of the route is marked with darker color<br><br>
[[File:Image31v3.4..png|720px|thumb|center|Processed flight path marked with darker color]]<br>
If there is a need to interrupt the flight for battery change or any other reason, proceeded route is being memorized. To resume the flight, choose “Upload” for the interrupted route. For partially completed route, a dialogue (see Figure 20 – Upload dialog for partially completed route) with four options will be displayed:</br>• '''Continue route.''' This option allows to continue the route exactly where it was dropped.</br>
• '''Start route from the beginning.''' The mission will start from first waypoint.</br>
• '''Start route from waypoint #.''' This option will send the drone to the specified route waypoint, from which it will proceed with the mission.</br>
• '''Take-off to route’s first waypoint#'''. In case the mission area are further than 30 meters from the initial drone location, an additional waypoint is required to overcome 30-meter safety distance. This checkbox will send the drone through this first waypoint onto the mission. </br>
[[File:Image32contCont.pngjpg|720px|thumb|center|Upload dialog for partially completed route]]<br>

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