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License types and feature comparison

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[[File:Feature comparison.jpg|center|800px]]
== UgCS license types and pricing* ==
{| class="wikitable"
!colspan="2" | '''Monthly''' <br>(Pay as you go) !!colspan="2" | '''Perpetual'''<br>(Pay a single fee for a lifetime license. Includes one year of maintenance and support)
!colspan="2"| UgCS PRO [[File:Ugcs-pro-1x.png|100px]] !!colspan="2" | UgCS PRO [[File:Ugcs-enterprise-1x.png|100px]]| UgCS PRO -|'''Subscription'''<br>Good starter<br>option for seasonal<br>projects | UGCS ENTERPRISE| '''Perpetual'''<br>Best fit for<br>professionals pilots<br>and service<br>providers || '''Subscription'''<br>Suited for small<br>scale companies or<br>infrequent application || '''Perpetual'''<br>Best fit for video<br>surveilance and<br>SAR teams|-| '''USD 39'''<br>per user<br>billed monthly<br>support included ||'''USD 600'''<br>per user<br>one-time purchase<br>including first year support||'''USD 99'''<br>per user<br>billed monthly<br>support included||'''USD 2000'''<br>per user<br>one-time purchase<br>including first year support|-| [ '''Buy now'''] || [ '''Buy now'''] || [ '''Buy now'''] || [ '''Buy now''']
| Subsription per user for 1 month || Subsription per user for 3 months [ '''Try it''']|| lifetime license per user / one year of maintenance and support || lifetime per user [ year of maintenance and supportpricing#contact-us '''Contact us''']]

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