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How to connect UgCS to HereLink

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3.There are two ways to connect UgCS to HereLink:<br>
a# 3. 1 Connecting from UgCS to HereLink using Herelink built-in Access Point (AP)<br>i## 3. 1.2 Create AP on your Herelink<br>ii## 3.1. 3 Connect UgCS laptop to Herelink AP. Make sure that there's the following line in VSM config (C:\Program Files (x86)\UgCS\bin\vsm-ardupilot.conf):
connection.udp_in.1.local_port = 14550<br>
b# 3. 2 Connecting from UgCS to HereLink joining 5Ghz network<br>i# 3. 2.1 Join 5gz network with Herelink and UgCS laptop (UDP might have some firewall or security measures that can disrupt the connection establishing between devices)<br>ii# 3. 2.2 Open vsm-ardupilot.conf with notepad (with Administrator privileges) found at C:\Program Files (x86)\UgCS\bin\<br>iii# 3.2. 3 Add following lines:<br>
Connection.udp_out.1.address = X.X.X.X<br>
Connection.udp_out.1.port = 14552<br>
Where X.X.X.X is IP address of HereLink device<br>
iv# 3. 2.4 Restart Ardupilot VSM<br>
4.When connection is established you should see telemetry data coming to UgCS as in the picture below.<br>

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