Starting the UGCS and connecting the YUNEEC H520

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Main Page UgCS Connecting UgCS and YUNEEC H520

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Make sure the YUNEEC H520 has a connected camera

From the PC via Wifi connect to the YUNEEC vehicle. YUNEEC’s Wifi SSID will start with the camera model, e.g. “E90_...”

Make sure the YUNEEC’s remote is not connected to the vehicle, e.g. by turning off the RC or closing the DataPilot app

Start the UGCS. The vehicle should appear as PX4-1. Uplink and downlink icons should turn green.

In order to set the correct vehicle profile, click on the PX4 vehicle’s icon in the top right part. Drop-down menu should appear.

Select the “Select Profile” and then press “More”. Expanded list of profiles should appear.

Select the YUNEEC H520. At this point everything should be ready.