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Tap “camera settings” menu – Display mode:


Select the desired mode – Visual only, thermal only or MSX


The default temperature range is set to -10 Celsius to +120 Celsius. Please remember, the wider the temperature range, the less accurate it will display the temperature changes.


The human being at these settings is barely visible as the thermal camera needs a greater temperature change slope.
Tap the “thermometer” icon to set the desired temperature scope:


Set the desired temperature scope for example:


In the case shown, the minimal temperature would be 11 degrees Celsius and the maximum – 54 degrees Celsius.
UgCS for DJI has a several display options for the thermal camera:
The thermal mode:

Screenshot 2019-08-12-16-08-44-051

The MSX mode:

Screenshot 2019-08-12-16-09-10-752

And the Visual Only mode, which is the regular camera.