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Service manager

UgCS consists of many components to ensure maximum flexibility. Service manager is a utility for managing the components of UgCS.

Checking the Components and Running the Application


UgCS will start automatically after the installation.
Run UgCS client by clicking shortcut icon on desktop. UgCS client is a GUI application which starts UgCS service manager and all necessary processes. All processes will close after exiting from UgCS client. Alternatively, start service manager by clicking the icon on desktop.
UgCS service manager will start the required background processes: universal control server (UCS), vehicle specific modules (VSM) and the emulator.

UgCS Service manager and UgCS client shortcuts

If service manager starts properly, it is found in system tray. Please check that all services are running. If a service has stopped, it should be launched from the system manager’s menu.

Note: “Administrator” privileges are required to run the services.

If UgCS components are installed as Windows Services, it is possible to open the “Windows Services” panel through the UgCS system tray icon.

UgCS Service manager menu on Windows OS

The desktop icon launches the UgCS Client. UgCS configuration is done automatically.
UgCS components can be started or stopped, using the context menu of service manager. The automatic launch of the components is also managed in context menu.

mac OS

Start UgCS by clicking the UgCS client icon in Launchpad.
After successful installation, the Launchpad has folder UgCS with two shortcuts (UgCS Service manager and UgCS client). UgCS client will start GUI application, UgCS service manager will start all necessary processes.
After starting the UgCS service manager and UgCS client, the rest is done using the same method as in Windows. Please refer to the Windows section for more information.

UgCS Service manager menu on mac OS


For Linux installation instructions please go to
The UgCS Client is started using the terminal command $ ugcs-client or from a desktop shortcut. All server applications on Linux will start as a service automatically

Deploying UgCS components to separate computers

Any component of UgCS can be installed on a separate computer.
Installing prerequisites is carried out using the installer when selecting "Advanced deployment".
Choose the components that will be installed to the computer and components configuration (ports, ip addresses, etc.).

Configure connection from the client to the server USC

If using UgCS PRO or UgCS ENTERPRISE license, it is possible to connect additional clients from other computers to the USC server.
To establish connection it is necessary to click "Choose another server" when the client starts up. Change the ip address to the address of the USC server and click "Retry".

Configure connection from the USC to the server VSM

When USC starts the server automatically contains all the VSM servers in the same network subnet, or WiFi
To add VSM server from a different subnet, specify the address and port in the application settings (Main menu, Configuration, VSM-> add).

Configure connection from the USC to the other local UgCS Geoserver

To add or edit parameters of local UgCS, specify the address and port in the UgCS client settings (Main menu, Configuration, Geoservers -> add/edit).