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This section contains all the registered UgCS vehicles.
Filter can be set according to the a platform type of the vehicle profile and sort vehicle by name.

Main menu - Vehicles

Table of parameters that should be filled for the vehicle.

Parameter Description Mandatory
Vehicle name User defined vehicle name Yes
Tail number Former ID field. Tail number of the vehicle.
ICAO address ADS-B unique identification number.
Platform Vehicle platform. This field can be edited in the vehicle profile list.
Profile Choose an available vehicle profile or create a new vehicle profile Yes
Payloads View selected payload for the vehicle
Altitude mode, m Current take-off point altitude. For more information about this field please see the 'take-off altitude' section
Downlink connected Downlink connection status
Uplink connected Uplink connection status

Registering a New Vehicle

To register a new vehicle, connect the vehicle to UgCS and ensure that the VSM for that vehicle type is running. For more information on specific vehicle workflows please refer to our manuals.
Provided the vehicle is supported by UgCS, the VSM should detect a new connection and a new record in the vehicle list in the UgCS client should be created.
After automatic detection of vehicles in UgCS, the vehicle card displayed in the vehicle menu – vehicle list. UgCS will choose the most suitable vehicle profile for the vehicle.

Editing a Vehicle

If necessary, select a different profile for the device manually or edit the current profile. To select the profile for the vehicle, click “Edit” button. Then select a predefined vehicle profile.
Restart the VSM after configuration changes.

Removing a Vehicle

Remove a vehicle from the list manually by pressing the button “Remove”