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Command menu have the next buttons:

Command menu

Command Description
Upload Upload current mission to vehicle. See command result at log window.
Arm \ Disarm Activates \ deactivates all systems and makes the vehicle ready for flight. See command result at log window.
Auto \ Manual Mode Setting selected vehicle to Auto or Manual mode. When in Auto, vehicle start execution of uploaded mission (if Armed).
Click & Go When pressing “Click & Go” button, double click or SHIFT+click on the map to define target waypoint. If command sent successfully vehicle will move towards the specified point (if Armed). The dashed line, connecting vehicle and target point will be displayed. Hovering the point head, will show distance to approach and estimated time.
Joystick Enable joystick control mode. See Joystick section for more information.
Hold Suspends current operation. In case of execution mission (Auto mode) puts it on hold. In case of Click & Go flight, stops the vehicle (loiter around current position in case of plane) and clears current target point. In case of Landing holds landing.
Continue Continues mission execution from point where mission was put on hold.
Land Lands the vehicle at the current point.
Return Home Returns the vehicle to the Home Point. IMPORTANT! If the vehicle is within 30m from Home position it will land immediately.
Emergency land Sending command to make emergency land.