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  [[Category:UgCS Command And Control Manual]]
  [[Category:UgCS Command And Control Manual]]
<u> '''''[https://wiki.UgCS.com/Main_Page Main Page]'''''</u>  <u> '''''[https://wiki.UgCS.com/UgCS UgCS]'''''</u>  <u> '''''[https://wiki.ugcs.com/UgCS_Command_And_Control_Manual UgCS Command And Control Manual]'''''</u>
<u> '''''[https://wiki.UgCS.com/Main_Page Main Page]'''''</u>  <u> '''''[https://wiki.UgCS.com/UgCS UgCS]'''''</u>  <u> '''''[https://wiki.ugcs.com/UgCS_CC_Manual UgCS CC Manual]'''''</u>

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Main Page UgCS UgCS CC Manual

• Out of the box drone management software for field operators and command & control use
• Live video broadcast from drones to command & control via standard 4G/LTE/Wi-Fi networks and video recording
• Monitoring of flights from command & control, flight planning in 3D map environment https://youtu.be/WDhExieKd6c
• Ability to control the camera of the drone from command & control
• Ability to integrate video streams from drones into video surveillance systems, for example, Milestone
• Integration possibility with existing situational/command & control software and use of cartographic data from GIS
• The solution can be fully deployed into the customer's infrastructure or in cloud services