How to Search and rescue using expanding square

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1. Unfold and connect the software and hardware drone components
2.Launch UgCS for desktop
3. Click "Add new route"

Add new roue.jpg

4. Select "Create from scratch"


5. Give a friendly name to the route
6. Select the used vehicle and click OK


7. Input take off parameters if different from default and click OK


8. Select "Expanding square" tool

Xpanding square.jpg

9. Place it in the area of planned search operation


10.Rotate it to desired direction angle with the mouse cursor or by entering the exact azimuth in the "Direction Angle field"

Direction angle.jpg

11. Select a landing point



S&R landing.jpg

13. Upload the route to the vehicle
14. Switch the vehicle to auto mode


The drone should now take off, fly the route and land automatically