How to connect DJI P4RTK or DJI P4Multispectral with DJI D-RTK2 base in UgCS for DJI

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Main Page UgCS How to

1. Turn on the drone, remote controller, and base station
2. Connect Android device to RC and run UgCS for DJI
3. Open Menu in UgCS for DJI and tap on RTK Settings

RTK settings.png

  • Enable RTK
Enable RTK.png

  • Select DJI base station in RTK source settings
Dji base.png

4. Tap on Link base station

Linking button.png

  • When this window appears on the screen, press the linking button on DJI RTK base station
DJI RTK press linking button.png

5. The base station is linked and the aircraft relinking confirmation window appears. Tap "Ok", then press the link button on the aircraft


  • When you see this window press the linking button on the aircraft
RC linking.png

7. Check RTK Settings for status:

  • Now the base station is connected, but RTK is not in FIX mode. Some time required to get RTK FIX mode
To FIX mode.png

  • RTK in FIX mode:


Fix 3.png