How to connect DJI RTK by NTRIP

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Connecting DJI Phantom 4 RTK with UgCS for DJI



1. Open UgCS for DJI app and in the Menu choose RTK Settings.

RTK Settings.jpg

2. Switch on the "Enable RTK" check box and select and tap "RTK source".

1Enable RTK.png

3. Select "Custom network service".


4. Enter RTK Server address, port, password, and mount point.



5. When UgCS for DJI is connected to the RTK the green NTRIP icon will be displayed in the top left corner.

To display a window with the additional RTK info tap on the NTRIP icon.
How to setup RTK network service

1. Go to public NTRIP casters webpage, e.g.
1.1 Create a Mount point and select a server with lowest latency.


1.2 Create a Client for the Mount point.

Create Client.png

2. Open the mobile application of the RTK base. Add created NTRIP Client address, Port and Password, Mount point name.

RTK base app.png

3. Configure RTK base if needed.

Rtk base settings.png