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Main Page UgCS UgCS desktop User Manual

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Operation Keyboard or mouse combination
Draw segments

Double click left mouse button /
SHIFT+left mouse button /
Alt+hold left mouse button and draw free-handedly

Close polygonal objects Draw polygon segments, set last segment near to first or drag last segment onto first segment to close polygon
Select segment Left mouse-click on segment
Select multiple segments (Win, Linux) CTRL+right mouse click on a figure /

(macOS) cmd+right mouse click on a figure

Select all segments (Win, Linux) CTRL+A /

(macOS) cmd+A

Move selected segment(-s) Hover figure basement, hold left mouse button and drag
Move map left, right, up, down Hold left mouse button and drag / left, right, up, down keys
Zoom in Mouse wheel / minus key / zoom in gesture
Zoom out Mouse wheel / plus key / zoom out gesture
Rotate screen camera left, right, up and down Hold right mouse button and move mouse /

hold Shift + left, right, up, down keys.