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Main Page UgCS UgCS for DJI User Manual

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Problem Solution
Can't launch UgCS for DJI application If UgCS for DJI closes right after start - restart the mobile device
Drone reject the flight Difference in altitudes of your route is more than 120 meters
Experience problems with drone connection Check out native “DJI GO” application is not installed
The device does not appear on map view screen Specify the vehicle the in vehicle list:
No connection to the mobile application UgCS between the PC and mobile devices Restart PC
If the UgCS for DJI application is connected to the drone and shows that UgCS desktop application (green light besides UCS text on bottom) is also connected, but operator cannot find the device in PC application. Try the following steps:

• Restart PC application (UgCS standalone client).
• Make sure both device, Android device and PC is in same network.

Displayed message: “Route upload failed

Route segment 2 is too short to perform damping
Decrease damping distance. (suggested 13.4 m)”

This can happen if waypoints with Adaptive bank turn are in use and distance between two points is too small to perform nice curve. Open Drone Specific settings and decrease damping distance.

Please report all issues with UgCS software to Support Team*

Video preview is not shown This can happen if before opening UgCS for DJI the video resolution is changed in DJI GO application. In order to fix it, please close UgCS for DJI application, start DJI GO and close it. Video preview should now be available in UgCS for DJI.
Error during mission: “Camera is busy command is not supported in the Camera’s current state” Time interval between two shots is too short, try to decrease flight speed or increase time interval.
Message: “Route upload failed

Set home location FAILED
Error! Distance of the first and last waypoint is more than 2000m

DJI restriction is 2000m between two adjacent waypoints, first and last waypoints are considered as adjacent too for some DJI drones. For Mavic series, the first and last point may be further than 2 kilometers.

If it is necessary to finish the mission within more than 2000m from takeoff position, you have to create route till your desired location, then add additional waypoints back to takeoff location, so the last waypoint is closer than 2000m. At the real landing location you can add wait action, so drone stays in the air. When drone has reached the location, overtake control and land the drone manualy.

Error “Route upload failed” when trying to upload route with Circle item Ensure that start point of route is not at the same location as end point. Add one extra WP before or after circle, or add takeoff / land command
Error “Permission Check Failed” dialog Check the network connection. Some proxy servers may block verification request.

When launching UgCS for DJI for the first time, the Android device must be connected to internet, in order to pass DJI verification. This is an automatic DJI process and does not need any input from the user. Another option - to reinstall UgCS for DJI

Some waypoint actions are ignored and error is displayed: “Route Uploaded With Warning. Some waypoints have too many actions. Nr: 2” This warning is related to DJI drones’ waypoint actions limit – maximum 15 action are allowed for each waypoint.
*NOTE: photo panorama uses 2 actions for one segment (rotate aircraft and make photo)
Error during mission: “Camera is busy command is not supported in the Camera’s current state” Time interval between two shots is too short, try to decrease flight speed or increase time interval
After changing the camera settings, there is no image or it displays black screen Check camera settings.
Error: “The distance between adjacent waypoints should be less than 2km. Note, that first and last waypoints are also considered as an adjacent” Set waypoint closer to each other or supplement route to home
Drone takes more pictures than specified or Filming continued after reaching last point of complex algorithms (e.g. Area Scan) When planning a route, after the passage of a complex algorithm, add a waypoint with no Actions.

After the device will make the designated or calculated number of shots, shooting stops

Drone continues capture pictures by some interval after mission completion Press “photo/video button” on mobile application in order to stop this action. (This scenario can happen if user sets camera trigger by time in last waypoint)
Message "Execution of this process has timed out" even if there are no obstacles between the drone and RC there is a good GPS signal (or in simulator mode) Sometimes during mission upload or attempt to switch to Auto mode, this message can be displayed, even if no obstacles located between drone and RC and good GPS signal is present (or in simulator mode). Not only obstacle, but also interference can lead to timeout
"Simulator is on" message on the screen after drone restart (for example, after battery change) Restart UgCS for DJI or open application menu and stop simulator
Faulty video stream displayed at UgCS desktop Change camera settings for aspect ratio to 4:3
After uploading route and pressing Auto mode sometimes error: “The GPS signal of the aircraft is weak” is displayed Restart UgCS for DJI
If A3 autopilot is used with ZenmuseZ3 then UgCS for DJI detects A3 as Inspire 1 This error will be resolve in nearest future
Camera does not start to take photos/video Camera needs time to save/store photo/video into SD card. Please add a Wait action before starting new photo/video recording
DJI Phantom 3 flies the route, although it remained in Manual mode On RC toggle/switch P-A-F
Error “The distance between first and last waypoint should be more than 0.5m” In case of a single segment circle or perimeter route, due to a DJI flight controller limitation during the route upload following error will be displayed - "The distance between first and last waypoint should be more than 0.5m".

In order to proceed, add any type of a segment, e.g. Waypoint before or after the Circle or Perimeter segment

Error "Altitude too high" Most likely, route exceeding the height limit set in DJI GO/DJI GO4 app. Please check height limit in DJI GO/DJI GO4
The shot number in the action does not work for DJI The shot number in the action does not work for DJI autopilot firmware less than, i.e for FC before P4

In case of facing undescribed issue, please contact UgCS Support Team at and provide the following:
• Provide description of the issue, screenshots or mission related information,
• Log files (attach a .zip file of the log folder to e-mail), The log directory can be accessed by taping on “Open logs” button from the loading screen of UgCS for DJI.


• Location of log files: Device storage>Android>data>>files>log_cat directory. • In case if unable to find log files, please send UgCS and UgCS for DJI version number which can be found in settings menu