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SPH Engineering is founded in 2013, located in Riga, Latvia and employs a hard driven team of 20 professionals and enthusiasts alike. The company offers unmanned systems integration services: building, acquiring and consulting on the selection of airframes, autopilots, payloads for a particular application and performing proof of concept projects and software development.

UgCS (Universal ground Control Software) - a software for central management of all types and manufacturers of unmanned vehicles, enabling to control one or a fleet of drones on a single mission in multi-operator mode and multi-platform environments. Ease of integration and adding support for new vehicles or payloads is achieved by the modular architecture of UgCS. UgCS Mapper - offline mapping tool to create high-quality 2D or 3D orthophoto maps with the option to generate elevation models and stitched orthophoto maps can now be automatically added as map overlays into UgCS with just a push of a button.

SPH Engineering's Team continuously follows the latest industry developments, to be at least one step ahead and be able to consult our clients on how to turn their ideas (often out of science fiction) to the products addressing specific needs and requirements. Even as hobby our Team members fly drones, build robots and experiment with new technology and 3D printing.

We love, what we do - our technology is not just a product - it's our passion!